Advanced Suspension Technology

Technology that's driving the future of transportation

At the center of SoftWheel's technology is an innovative in-wheel suspension system that improves a vehicle's performance.

The patented technology can be adapted to several personal mobility applications, providing unique benefits for each.

Our technology is currently driving innovation in the automotive, bicycle, and wheelchair sectors.

In-wheel Suspension

Suspension arms are set equidistant around a central hub to provide shock absorption, no matter the angle of impact from an obstacle.
SoftWheel Suspension technology sketch
SoftWheel suspension technology sketch

Rigid Rim

The wheel rim is always rigid & strong, while the suspension arms & hub compress to provide shock absorption - and immediately reset to return the rider to a level ride.

Improves Performance

The advanced suspension system is placed around a central hub and actuates only when an obstacle or rough terrain is encountered, immediately returning the vehicle and rider to a level ride. The system provides 360° suspension, no matter the angle of impact.
SoftWheel suspension technology sketch

SoftWheel's technology leads to a more stable & smooth riding experience over all types of terrain

Reduces Vibrations

The innovative suspension & damping technology dispress the impact energy, therby shortening the impact duration and shock magnitude transferred to the rider

Fewer vibrations are therefore transmitted to the rider, leading to a smoother, more comfortable ride

Softwheels are more energy efficient, helping to maintain forward momentum, which can reduce fatige

SoftWheel drop test results

Drop Test from 15 cm (standard curb height)
SoftWheel vs. Standard Rigid Wheel: Acceleration Over Time

Regular Wheel vs. SoftWheel

In a drop test in the lab, wheels were outfitted with a 50 kg weight and dropped from the height of a standard curb (15 cm). ​ See the difference in performance between a standard wheel and SoftWheel.
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